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We live in the most advanced medical age in history

Rickets and Scurvy. Do we ever hear of these things anymore? These are so completely off the radar now that when I am speaking to a group the younger generation in that group has never even heard the words before! In case you don’t know what these are Rickets is a disease that comes from chronic Vitamin D deficiency and Scurvy is a disease that comes from Chronic Vitamin C deficiency. Essentially these develop if you get none of these vitamins over time. Small amounts of the vitamins eliminate the possibility of the deficiency disease. Which is what the RDA’s are basically designed to do.

Unfortunately, today’s modern deficiency diseases are a combination of things that I call “Lifestyle Deficiency” diseases. There is no RDA for this, and the public has little true grasp of how to protect themselves and be optimally healthy. I use the word grasp, because there is a wealth of information available about each area that is needed but most people do not know what to do with the information because based on the source, it can be contradictory.

It should follow that we are healthier than at any other time as well. But we are not. Statistically we are much sicker as a society than we were even twenty five years ago. Cancer, Heart disease, Diabetes, Asthma, Auto-immune diseases, etc. are truly today’s deficiency diseases. The rates of all of these have increased over the past twenty years and continue to grow, and worse are taking effect in the younger people at an alarming rate.

It is easy to think “It won’t happen to me” but the reality says the chances are just as good of it happening “to me” than not. Cancer for example, will strike 1 in 2. 50/50? If we correct the lifestyle deficiencies we can change those odds. A recent study showed that living a healthier lifestyle (exercise, fruits and veggies) decreased cancer occurrence by over 40%! Doing the right things health wise dramatically lower the risk of being on the wrong side of the statistics.

It’s just common sense. We must exercise, drink clean water, eat the right foods in general, and supplement (at a very high level) these are the only ways to bridge the “lifestyle deficiency” gap. Society is environmentally polluted, nutritionally depleted, drug-dependent, and generally sedentary. The result is an enormous spike in disease.

My quest is to make a million lives better in the next 5 years. It starts with health. You cannot have a high quality of life with poor health. We owe it to anyone we care about to talk to them about health habits. We owe it to ourselves to look at our own habits. Once someone has been told that they have cancer or heart problems or Diabetes or…they will have to live their life in very strict way that will not be adding value to their life…at best it will keep them stable. The squirrels gather nuts in the summer…this is like prevention. The time to begin doing the right things health wise is while you are still healthy. You can have a long and vibrant life if you correct the “lifestyle deficiencies.”

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