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Every human being is unique.

We all have different DNA. Now I am no expert on DNA, so I won’t be talking about our uniqueness in the light of DNA. Rather, I am going to speak from the practical aspect of how different DNA translates? Every individual is blessed with their own set of gifts, talents, inclinations, affinities, passions, etc. Essentially, we are all special. Regardless of how “normal” people attempt to appear, the irony is that there is NO NORMAL. God simply does not make normal. There are many people getting average, or “normal” results in life, but that doesn’t mean they are any less blessed. It means that they are not using the blessings they have to fullest and they are living below what is possible for them.

This is what leads to the concept of “quiet desperation.” People knowing deep down that they are settling. They busy themselves with things or numb their mind with TV or other tools, while their gifts lie dormant. Why? Why not be the best that we can be? Why not pursue what we want with all we’ve got? As Jim Rohn used to say “Even a tree will grow as tall as it can.”

An underlying factor in people holding themselves down is a perception that they are not good enough. That they are not “special.” Where does this come from? Ask a child what he or she will be when they grow up and they will have no self limitation on their answer. Self limiting thinking is conditioned. People tell other people that they are not good enough in all kinds of ways through out the developmental years and soon enough they start to believe the lies and adopt them as reality. I did, and for years my life was categorized by one failure after another, because my belief system was that I wasn’t good enough to succeed in the things I attempted. You will get what you expect in life. If you expect little, you shall have little. If you expect much, you shall have much. This is because you will behave and pursue in line with what you expect.

We learn to look at ourselves primarily from a self-critical view. We know all of our flaws and highlight them as the reason we are not good enough. But do we stop and look at all we are blessed with? All of the previously mentioned gifts, talents, etc? Mostly, this answer is no. This is why I speak so much about personal development. In 1989 I began reading 15 minutes a day in an effort to develop and improve myself. I have never stopped doing this (although its 45 minutes a day now). This changed my thinking, and as a result changed my life.

You see the bottom line is this: All you ever need to do is become the best YOU possible. Don’t ever compare gifts and talents with someone else when evaluating your prospects in life. This is irrelevant. You already have all that you will ever need to do most anything you desire. You simply have to work on developing yourself.

So tell me, what do you all do to develop your unique skills and abilities?

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