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Be a good giver

Yesterday, my daughter gave me a new pair of shorts for my birthday (she is the master at selecting incredible shorts:-). She said to me, excitedly, as she handed me the gift-wrapped box, I couldn’t wait to give you this. I thought to myself at that moment…my daughter is growing up. (By the way, the shorts are amazing…since I wear the same clothes all the time, the next time you see me I will probably be wearing them). Anyway, I decided to send this message that I sent a few years ago…thank you Allie.

There are few things in life that bring reward like giving. I realize this seems like an oxymoron, but it is absolutely the truth.

The concept of giving that I am talking about is the idea of unconditional giving meaning to give with no expectation of receiving. This is a challenging idea for our culture to embrace because we are in the age of “me.” Everywhere we turn are messages about how we can get more, or have more. Self-centeredness is practically a universal curriculum.

Focus on others.

Giving is others-focused. It is about putting someone else’s needs or situation before our own. The ironic thing about this is that I have found that I benefit incredibly in many ways from putting someone else first.

Think about it in this simple way: What makes you feel better, giving someone a gift or receiving a gift from someone?

In business I have learned that if we give our time and attention completely to someone else, and help them solve their problems, we are taken care of in the process. If we were to focus on our needs ahead of the other person, how do you think they feel?

Giving Helps you (the giver) in the following ways:
* Providing joy- it just flat out feels good all day to help someone.
* Improves our work- If you want to excel in any field be a giver.
* Multiplies our own blessings- Know doubt about it, “what goes around, comes around.”
* Makes us appreciative- we are all blessed way more than we stop to acknowledge and giving helps us recognize how good we have it.

This is just the tip of the giving iceberg.

Make a point everyday to give in some way to someone else. Whether it is time, talent, money, a helping hand, a listening ear…there are so many ways. Keep your heart and your ears open and you will see opportunities everywhere.

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