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The following is Jason Merson’s story. He and his wife Jeanne are two key Maryland Million Lives Team members, and people I am blessed to have in my life. Over the next few weeks I will be adding other stories as well as we continue to expand this area of the site.

Being involved in athletics all my life, it was natural for me to have an interest in fitness. But it wasn’t until many years of watching my father’s side of the family struggle with heart disease that I began a quest for a better understanding of health and overall wellness. You see, I knew that if I did not learn how to take care of my health from the inside out, I would end up like my father and his five brothers who all had heart attacks before reaching the age of 44. My oldest brother, who was next in line for the family plague, had his first heart bypass around the age of 53. I was determined to not be one of the statistics.

After being married to my soul mate in 1989 and beginning a 23 year career with the Maryland State Police, my beautiful wife and I began learning more about the importance of diet, exercise and the benefits of supplementing with quality nutritional supplements. We did everything from bee pollen to mixing and matching various vitamins and other nutritional supplements. Yes, we were the crazy people taking supplements 20 or so years ago when according to our friends and family, taking vitamins was a waste of time and money. I have to add the importance of my faith in this quest for good health as that journey has played a major role in developing my personal desire to be a good steward of my health and the importance of making a difference in the lives of the people around me. I continued my career with the State Police and in 2003 became one of the Fitness Coordinators in a newly designed program to keep our troopers fit and healthy. This program helped to further fuel my passion to help others take control of their health.

In 2005 I met a man who has become a mentor and one of my best friends, Todd Burrier. Todd and I met at a church men’s retreat and immediately had a connection because of our mutual interests. In developing our friendship Todd introduced me to the products he was taking with Life Plus. If you recall from the earlier part of my story, my wife and I had tried just about every quality product on the market and we were reluctant to try anything new since we had developed our own little regiment of mixing and matching vitamins and such. Todd’s no pressure approach and pure example of personal health led me to want to know more about what he was doing.

What I found that really piqued my interest about the first product brought to my attention, “Daily Biobasics,” was the fact that this supplement was so comprehensive that it would eliminate having to mix and match several of the products we were already taking and it had fiber in it to boot. There was nothing like it in the market. We decided to give it a try once we finished the plethora of products we were taking. Well, we’ve been hooked ever since. There has been nothing that has come close to the health benefits that we have experienced on this product and some of the others that we now take from Life Plus. The immediate and long term benefits for me and my family have been amazing.

My family’s success on the products coupled with my desire to help others and my pending retirement from the State Police led to talks with Todd about the business opportunity. Only problem was, I’d never done anything like this before and I had no interest in trying to sell products to my friends and family. I had been exposed to many home based businesses in the past and I had no interest in them. Mainly because of the way they did business. Once I learned the business philosophy of Life Plus and how to work the process taught by Todd, I soon learned this was a business I could do at my own pace without any financial risk and without pressuring anyone. I’ve been building my business ever since and will soon be at a point to stop another source of income I had to establish once retiring.

Another of the many benefits of being with the local Million Lives team is the common bond of like-minded people who truly care about their personal health and helping others take control of their health and personal goals. Life Plus and the team go far beyond just health. The company and the team also help people to grow in other important areas of their life like relationships and personal development. There’s nothing more rewarding than hearing a person thank you for introducing them to this company and their products and hearing the stories of how their health or other goals in life have been positively affected. Those comments I never get tired of hearing and only fuel my passion to help more people be successful with meeting those goals.

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