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Hi Jason and Todd:

The past few months in class with you both has been life-changing for me. Thank you for your dedication and for demonstrating your obvious passion to educate people about living a healthy and full life! Like I’ve mentioned before, I thought I was well educated about health and nutrition … you guys take this essential life lesson to a whole new plane!

You guys have opened my eyes so wide that I now think about everything I put into my body. While I have not yet fully put all that I’ve learned into practice, I have gained all the tools and knowledge of how to utilize the tools. I plan to fully remodel my temple and keep it well maintained. When I see you next, I’m sure I will have lost ALL the extra weight that I plan to lose. I enjoyed our sessions and I always looked forward to your Tuesday night seminars as they were always fascinating and informative.

Did I mention the awesome results that I have gotten from the Biobasics? During the first week of use, I no longer felt fatigued in the afternoon, I started sleeping better AND my hot flashes just stopped! In fact, all my menopausal symptoms stopped! Cool, huh? What about those Forever Young tablets and anti-aging serum? Well, just take a look at my skin and see for yourself. My face looks better than ever … my skin tone is evening out and it’s obvious in my arms, legs, etc. that my skin is well-hydrated and smoother. Awesome!

BTW, Todd – I started reading your blog … LOVE IT and have encouraged my friends to read it. I haven’t commented on it yet, but I’m sure you’ll hear from me when I feel the urge to write. I am completely in line with your positive perspective on life, which, of course, lines up with the Scriptures so … RIGHT ON!!! I just started reading your book and am digging it thoroughly. J

Thank you both again and again and …

Abundant blessings to you both,

Rose Casazza

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