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One of the things that absolutely makes my feet hit the ground running in the morning is the possibility of helping someone have a better life….and then of course finding ways to multiply it times a million!

I am back in the saddle so to speak, having arrived last night from my trip to Germany. It was an awesome experience and one that holds many lessons. I have now been to Europe many times in the past 3 years and as a result have gotten to know many people on a much deeper level. Each time I go I can see the personal growth in the people I spend time with. This is easier to see in people you only spend time with occasionally, because day to day changes are so subtle we don’t see them when we are constantly with them. Just think about how children grow physically…you don’t notice each day…but over 6 months it is significant.

This trip was the best yet, because the growth in people revealed itself at a level that was way beyond any trip in the past. This makes sense when I stop to think about it. People have been diligently learning and applying concepts for growing themselves and their business for the past three years and the results will always be compounding. This is the way it is with all kinds of growth. The more you grow, the more your capacity to grow.

It is awesome when you see someone and the change in their life perspective is dramatic for the better, because this means all aspects will be better. In life in order for you to achieve more or have more, you have to become more as a person. The rest will follow suit. Sure it’s great seeing people grow their income and their prospects for the future, but to see them grow as a person…that’s the best, because it is a given the everything else will grow to. This is the essence of the Million Lives team. Helping people to make their lives better.

You want to feel good? Invest in someone else and helping them improve…that is one of the best ways to feel good.

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