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I realize that because I blog on topics related to living a better life, and with a positive perspective, that I could easily be seen as someone who is either wearing rose colored glasses all the time or just doesn’t have to deal with anything difficult.

Nothing could be further form the truth. I admit that my glasses are rose colored more often than not…but that is a choice. And one that ANYONE can choose. There is a positive and negative to everything, why not choose to look at the positive? It is generally a healthy way to view things and it sure feels a lot better! As I have related in past blogs, written in my books, speak about in my seminars, and share with everyone I coach and mentor…it has taken me years to grow from someone who could always point out the negatives and why things are bad for me, to someone who sees the world the opposite way.

Life Happens to me just like it happens to you. I don’t ignore the challenges and adversities in life…THAT would be unhealthy. I do however, focus on how to overcome. It is true that it is not what happens to us that matters, it is what we do about it, and with it, that really matters. I was just overseas on an amazing trip. One in which I received a major award, saw tremendous fruits from my efforts and spent time with incredible people. I left home on a great note as well. While I was away, there was a major “life happens” event in our family. It was handled incredibly well by my wife and my sister, but it is not something that will go away any time soon. It will require adjustments. This is what you do…when things happen, you deal, and then you adjust. You don’t spend time wallowing or wishing it wasn’t so…this is how things get worse, not better.

As I write this, I am using my wife’s computer. Mine crashed the morning after I got back. This cost me many hours of productivity yesterday and will over the next several days. I have to admit…I was a little…upset…yesterday for a few minutes…but after I realized the situation, I have no choice but to work around it. Life Happens.

The key to dealing with “life Happens”, is mental outlook and living a balanced and productive life. When you feed your mind positively you are more up to the task when something confronts you. Balanced productivity means that you are never in neglect in the important areas, so a temporary interference won’t cause you too much issue. These are bigger topics and not for today’s blog.

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