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I am not just repeating a cliche. I did have a smell the flowers moment…actually I had three in a short period of time, but it all started with smellin’ the flowers.

I was over at my Mom’s house helping out with some stuff and as I was walking across the yard to my car to go home, I caught a whiff of a wonderful fragrance. I was in a hurry so I almost disregarded it…but then I thought to myself…I need to stop right now and enjoy this wonderful smell. I looked to my left and there was this giant bush with little white flowers on it so I walked over and inhaled for a couple of minutes. It was awesome. But I almost missed it. And THIS is the point.

We NEED to stop and appreciate the little things. Yes we need to focus on our goals, but the moments of the journey are what make the journey all worth it. This mere act of smelling the flowers made me aware for the rest of the day…and this payed off too.

A little while later I was sitting on the deck having my lunch. It was a beautiful sunny day, so I set down my phone, left my laptop on my desk, and just sat out on the deck with Conor and ate. As I was eating, Melanie came home and walked past the sliding glass door. I listened to the sound of her high heels on the floor as I watched her walk past (she didn’t know I was there). I sort of got outside of myself and admired her as if I was a stranger at her house. I thought what a gorgeous woman she is. I truly appreciated her beauty at that moment as if I didn’t know her. How often do I get so busy doing, that I forget about being. I see her every day, and more often than most husbands because I work from home…but do I take the moment to appreciate things about her every day? I cherished in that moment how lucky I am that she decided on me.

Now when I eat, I am generally a-eat-because-its-required-and-get-it-over-with-because-I-got-stuff-to-do kind of guy. But because I was into experiencing the moment, as I was eating my cantaloupe I realized just how sweet it tasted. I mean to tell you…it was the best piece of cantaloupe I ever head. But it probably wasn’t actually the best cantaloupe I ever had in terms of being the best, but I experienced it as if it was.

I want you to reach all of your dreams in life. Why not? If you are committed to your goals, and you are willing to discipline yourself to personal growth, and putting in the effort every day, anything is possible. But I don’t want you to reach the goal, and miss the journey. Take a few minutes today and really enjoy the simple joys and experiences. I promise you that you will be glad you did. And when you enjoy it? Do it again tomorrow. Oh, and why don’t you share one of those experiences with our readers. It will help them too.

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