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Everyone has days where they wake up and they just aren’t a happy camper.

It’s not really a question as to whether we will have these kind of days…its more a question of how often and how we handle it. As you might have guessed through my blogs, I am a pretty positive person. It wasn’t always this way for me. The first part of my life I was the opposite (mostly within myself). It was through years of personal development and deepening of my faith that I became a person who mostly sees life in a very positive, limitless way.

That being said, I am still human. I have days where I don’t see the glass half full. I’m not afraid to share that I am very blessed. I have abundance in all the avenues of life that I consider important…relationships, health, fulfillment, joy, finances,etc. But about two or three days per month I wake up and I just have negative energy. I don’t feel optimistic, I am irritable, I don’t feel grateful for all my blessings…in other words…I don’t think or feel like doing ANY OF THE STUFF I PREACH!

However, after of years of this, I understand it is just a lull in my emotional energy or bio-rhythms or some stuff like this. Exactly what it is, is irrelevant to me. It just is. I can step back and be logical and say to myself, I have a wonderful family, I have fabulous health, I have tremendous joy and fulfillment from what I do everyday, I have many people that genuinely care about me, and on and on…but it doesn’t matter…because it is emotional. So instead, I just accept that today is one of those days where my emotional tank isn’t very full. And then I move on. I do everything I commit to doing for the day. I purposefully attempt to smile and be nice to everyone (even though I don’t feel like it). I exercise, I read, I pray, I affirm. I try to be conscious when I am interacting with others that I am not as patient on this day. And I make sure that I don’t make any important decisions on this kind of day.

And usually the next day I wake up and I feel normal. Actually, sometimes, I only feel the “dark” way for a few hours now, because I move forward and it doesn’t hang on. We will all have these days. The bigger problem would be if these days were frequent.

If you are having these kind of days all the time then this is a clue that something of deep value in your life might need to change.

So…we all have these days…I’ve shared how I move through mine…what tips do you have to share for our readers?

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