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To quote Tom Cruise in Jerry McGuire “Help me Help you.”

Thank you for consistently visiting my blog. I don’t take your time lightly. My purpose in this blog is to serve you in any way possible with my experiences, knowledge, and insights, with the hope that in some way I can contribute to helping you do better in life. You know that my goal is to help a million people, and hopefully more, and this blog can play an integral role in this.

I’ve been at this for about three months now and I sincerely would like your feedback on how I am doing. I am creating my content in the vacuum of my own life, yet with a goal of helping you in yours. Which means that there is a likelihood that I will miss the mark more often than not. So it would be awesome if you could send me an email to tburrier@gmail.com or write your comments in the space below.

Here are some of the questions that would be helpful to me in my quest to serve you:

Am I blogging to often? How many posts would be optimal for you to receive in a week (right now I do 4-5)?

You know my content areas, are there things in specific you would like me to speak to?

Do you like the videos? Would you prefer more videos or writing?

Do you think my posts are too long, too short, or okay based on the topic?

Anything else you care to share would be greatly appreciated.

On the flip side, if you are enjoying this blog, perhaps you would help me get the word out? You can do this, by sharing the posts you like (or the website in general) with the people you know or on facebook or any other media you frequent.

It would be really cool if we could foster a community of people who freely shared insights and ideas to help each other live a more joyful, healthful, productive, and fulfilling life. Please help me to help you…and then help us to help others.

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