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Magnesium doesn’t seem to get the media respect that Calcium does.

Perhaps because even though there’s “Milk of Magnesia”…you can’t get magnesium from the over-hyped dairy world so it’s not profitable to talk about. The real crime in this lack of respect is that the public is clueless as to how important this mineral is to staying ALIVE!!! And, the public is equally clueless as to the massive deficiency most people have and what the health implications are from this.

Every mineral that is labeled essential is crucial to get to stay alive. So in this regard Magnesium isn’t more important than the other 15 essentials, but it sure seems to be right up there as an all-star of minerals. By the way, in case you haven’t read this or heard me say it before…”essential” means you gotta have it and it comes from outside the body.

Several recent studies confirmed that Magnesium is crucial for the metabolism of Vitamin D, which by the way, you have to have to properly absorb calcium, which by the way, you can’t utilize for your bones without magnesium…are you confused yet??? This little 3-way relationship alone demonstrates how crucial all three of these are, because the health implications of too little of any of these three is ultimately life-shortening. But the reality of it all is…you must have an abundance of ALL essential nutrients (I said abundance…not RDV…Ridiculous daily values:-) or you will ultimately be toast.

But I digressed….this is about Magnesium specifically,so here are the highlights. Deficiency of Magnesium can be a major factor in the following health issues:

*High Blood Pressure
*Heart problems
*Kidney Stones
*Immune System problems
*Circulation problems
*Sleep issues
*Muscle cramps/spasms

As it relates to Magnesium’s role in your body, it’s involved in Bones, new cell creation, activating B-vitamins, muscle relaxation, blood clotting, blood vessels, heart function, ATP formation (energy), insulin, and 300 different enzymes (including all the ones that metabolize Vit. D).

Now that you know this stuff…the next thing you have to know, is you are probably deficient in it. Besides inadequate levels in the food supply (nuts, soybeans, lentils, whole grains, raw leafy green veggies, seafood), ensuring that most people aren’t getting enough IN to their body, it is depleted in the body by the following: stress, alcohol, B-vitamin deficiency, intestinal issues (1 in 3 people in the U.S. have digestive problems), laxatives, and diuretics.

Don’t just supplement for Magnesium though, supplement everything! BioBasics and good foods and you are good to go. If you have questions for me about this post send ’em and I’ll reply as I can.

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