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The good news about instant oatmeal is that it’s instant…and the bad news about instant oatmeal is that it’s instant!

It’s great that we can have oatmeal in a minute. But is it as good as the oatmeal we would have if it wasn’t instant? We sacrifice the better oatmeal for the one we can have now when we eat the instant variety. Perhaps, you don’t like either kind of oatmeal and therefore you think this has no relevance for you…you would be wrong.

Think about anything else that is available in the instant version. How about microwave popcorn versus good old fashion popcorn? How about instant coffee versus fresh-brewed? Now versus later is not quite good versus evil, but it’s in the family. And for the record, I have nothing against instant oatmeal…just what it represents.

I was having a conversation with a very wise person last week. She has spent the better part of her life in some aspect of personal development. We were discussing how simple it truly is to succeed in “the process.” The true challenge is not the process itself or the related products or possibilities. The only true challenge is between the ears. If people could simply overcome what they themselves place in their own way mentally, success in virtually anything is an eventuality. It is only a matter of time.

While there are several (mental) hurdles that human beings tend to place in their own way, this entry is about one that everyone struggles with and our ever increasing speedy society is making it worse. You already know how I feel about patience. If you don’t have it in any venture or pursuit you will most likely not get there. It’s natural to want what we want as fast as possible.

Now versus later is not quite good versus evil, but it’s in the family.

But the marketing messages have made the desire for instant grow to epidemic proportions. So think of this little lesson. Get the coffee instantly…get mediocre (at best) coffee. Take the time and care to brew it, and you get the cup of coffee you really want. It works like this pretty much everywhere. There is no instant success, but there is success.

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