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Would you rather catch lots of little fish or a few Big Fish?

Would you rather see six average movies at the cinema or one fantastic show at a major venue? Quantity versus Quality…it is an interesting dilemma. Most of the time in life, there is a trade off. And I think if we are honest there are pros and cons to both sides.

For example, if you save your money to take your favorite girl or guy to a fancy restaurant, you have one terrific night out that is potentially memorable for the environment and the ambiance, in addition to the food and company. In other words, you have an experience. The trade is that you could have had three or four nights out at your favorite pizza place or family restaurant, and you may have had even more fun overall, because you would have had more of the human experience.

Quality usually represents more sacrifice, while quantity might be more immediate. When it comes to material items, you rarely regret going with quality. When it comes to fishing, I am definitely a quality seeker. I love the thrill of hooking a big fish. One that has the size and strength to break my line if I don’t play it right. It is exhilarating to me.

I believe in the sacrifice of time and effort to get the big fish in life.

I am willing to cast my line in the water hundreds of times to catch one. Fortunately, over the years I have learned enough where I don’t have to cast my line as much as I used to to catch a big fish, but I will if I have to! This past trip, which the above picture is just one of several large fish I caught, there were stretches of three or four hours in the hot sun where I caught nothing…but I kept working at it. It would have been easy to get some worms and go to the shallows and catch little ones all day…but that would take the potential for the big Quality fish out of the equation.

I believe in the sacrifice of time and effort to get the big fish in life. Why settle for the little fish of mediocrity that are readily available, when the bigger things are waiting for you if you just work a little harder and a little longer?

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