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What if the trials in your life are mercies in disguise?

This was one of the lyrics from a song that was beautifully sung by Lisa Rutter at Uniontown Bible Church this morning. Can you imagine how strong you would be if this way of thinking was natural?

It would be false of me to say that when I am faced with an adversity, the first thing I think is that I am blessed to have the adversity… That I am going to grow from the adversity… That the adversity is going to help me better use the gifts that God has blessed me with. My natural reaction is to think…Why did this have to happen?

I have learned over my life and I shout it from the front of rooms as I teach others how to succeed, that adversity is a blessing. That doesn’t mean I like it any more than anyone else. But the truth is, as I look back into the path of my life, what I thought at the time were some of my worst situations, were really the seeds and instigators of some of my best outcomes. Most of the visible blessings I have in my life are the product, at some point, of some sort of adversity. And everything I value in my life has been full of adversities and challenges.

You may be in a difficult time right now, or you may be flourishing. Either way, you aren’t done with adversity in your future unless God is done with you! You were blessed richly. You are unique and gifted as only you can be. You are the steel…adversity is the fire that molds you and strengthens you. Be thankful for your challenges and know they are leading to better things in the future if you forge through and have faith.

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