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Whats the difference between Pharmaceutical drugs and Illegal Recreational Drugs?

DUH!!!…you might say, pharmaceuticals are prescribed by doctors and are designed to help you feel better and illegal recreational drugs are sold by street dealers and are dangerous! Yes…you are correct. But did you know that a lot more people die each year from pharmaceuticals than illegal recreational drugs? One JAMA report put the number at 10,000 per year that die from illegal drugs, while it is a well-known fact that over 100,000 die per year from physician prescribed, properly prescribed, properly used pharmaceuticals in the U. S. alone!

The point of this post is not to suggest you take recreational drugs, but to encourage you to do what you can to live free of pharmaceuticals. Certainly pharmaceuticals have a needed place in society. They are important for short term and acute situations. But this should be the extent of it. These are dangerous drugs. How many kids in the country are on Ritalin? Would these same parents let their children use Cocaine? A ridiculous question isn’t it? But do people realize that the side effects of Ritalin are in the same ball park as Cocaine?

it is a well-known fact that over 100,000 die per year from physician prescribed, properly prescribed, properly used pharmaceuticals in the U. S. alone!

Even if a drug that is prescribed is the right one, and its working, and there is no immediate injury from it, the side effects from long term usage suggest you don’t want to be on it very long (you should immediately look to the lifestyle changes and nutritional support that will allow you to some day eliminate the drug). So what causes side-effects? Two things that I will briefly explain here.

Prescription drugs by nature don’t cure anything, they simply allow you to function with the issue. They force your body to do something that on it’s own it is unwilling to do at the moment (usually because it is missing what it needs to do it and because this has been going on so long it has now reached a crisis point). Anytime you force the body to do something you interrupt its balance and it will react by doing something else. This creates a side effect. This is why long term use of one drug ultimately leads to the need for more and different drugs in addition. For example a diabetic patient can be on as many as 12 meds at a time.

The other reason side effects occur is because most drugs deplete or inhibit the absorption of nutrients. Every process in your body relies on nutrients to happen. Therefore when the body is missing nutrients it eventually causes a new health issue, which is essentially a side effect from the initial drug. If even ONE nutrient is depleted, it will eventually cause a cascade of health issues over a long period of time because the absence of one nutrient affects the bodies ability to use other nutrients, this then becomes an inhibitor for the availability of these other nutrients which then affect others. Each time this is happening there are bodily functions being adversely affected. You never want to deplete nutrients.

This could be a lot longer of a post, but I just wanted to give you a little here to consider.

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