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Falling head first at 6AM in front of 30 onlookers is an interesting way to start a day.

Not too long ago I was getting ready for my morning work-out. I was going through my normal morning routine. Get up at 5:30 AM, take four Proanthoenols and five Somazyme, Take My Daily BioBasics spiked with Real NRG, pop a couple of Fusions Red and head to the gym. I have the same routine at the gym…I check in and say good morning to the person working the front desk, then I walk into the work-out area, put my keys in a locker, and walk over to place my books, newspaper, and water, on the machine I am going to do cardio on (treadmill, bike, or eliptical, depending on the day), then I take a quick bathroom break so I won’t have to go during my one hour aerobic session, then I get started.

Anyway, about a month ago I was going through my pre-workout routine, not paying too much attention. I think its easy to do stuff we do all the time without really paying too much attention. So I am walking over to my treadmill and with my arms full of books I step up on it to get set up. The second my foot hits the treadmill, I realize that it is already moving , and moving at a very brisk pace. Now when I step up onto my treadmill I do it with purpose…I am focused and moving quickly, so I don’t just step up slowly….I go from a full speed walk to stepping fully on. By the time I realize the treadmill is on, my other foot is in the air for my second step! I quickly go from stepping onto the treadmill to attempting to balance, and move real fast.

Feel free to laugh at your self when you do something like this.

The entire scenario must have only lasted a second, but in my mind it felt like several seconds. First I realized the treadmill is moving. Then I realize that I have stepped on from the side so I am moving in the wrong direction, then I realize as I attempt to stay upright, that there is no prayer that I will be able to. I also have a hand full of books that I realize I must hold onto! All of this happened in one second or less!!!

Instead of fighting the inevitable, I just went with it, bounced straight down onto my left shoulder, flew back and landed at the base of the exercise bike behind me (after bouncing off of it!). As I lay there for a second…laughing at myself, I know that I am not hurt, and that the entire gym is looking at me. So I sit up and say “thank you I hope you enjoyed the show” and then I get back up, get on a machine that is NOT running and do my work-out.

So…here are the lessons from this:
1. Don’t step on a moving treadmill.
2. Look before you step on ANY treadmill.
3. If you lose your balance, don’t fight it, tuck and roll with it.
4. Tuck your books under your arm like a running back holding a football.
5. Feel free to laugh at your self when you do something like this.

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