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“Never try to be better than others, but be the best you can be.”

When you consider that these words come from one of the greatest coaches and developers of young men in the history of college sports it should give you pause to consider the truth in these words. Too often we look at others and compare our lot in life to them don’t we?

Whether it is comparing what they have to what we have, or comparing their progress to our progress. This is a waste of energy because they isn’t really anything to compare. They are them and we are us…or you are you and I am me…is it just me or does that look weird written? Put any two people side by side in any venture. Give them the exact same training, the same resources, the same time to work, and you are going to get two different results. Why? Because each of us is unique.

We are all in different places on our own personal development curve. We navigate this curve with our own unique sets of skills, gifts, talents, experiences, affinities, desires, perspectives, and life situations. Therefore comparing any individual to another on any platform is not truly a fair comparison. We all run our own race.

We all run our own race.

The reality is that anything that is within your physical capability to do, can be done. If someone else can do it, than you can too (Even if someone else hasn’t done it, that doesn’t mean that you can’t). But it probably won’t look the same as it unfolds. You might reach the goal faster and you might reach the goal slower. The key thing is to reach the goal for yourself, not to reach it faster than someone else (unless you make your living racing!).

The key thing is to reach the goal for yourself

If you take a marathon mentality to the things you pursue in life, work at being the best you can be, you will ultimately achieve that which you desire. Success in pursuits is not harder than this. So put your head down, work hard, don’t quit, commit to growing yourself, and get to your goals!

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