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“There are lots of people belly-aching about the state of the economy…

They are wondering when this downturn will end, and things will get “good” again. A recent census report showed that median household income dropped 2.3% last year, this is reflective of unemployment and underemployment…and probably speaks a little bit to the fact that the rate of retirement is beginning to rise. When you couple the decline in income with the depreciation of major assets, you can see why their is some belly-aching going on!

But the truth is…that things are what they are. Many corporations are showing big profits….lots of entrepreneurs are succeeding quite nicely…because the overall economy is a global monster and there is a lot of income to be found for those willing to look and change. The bigger problem here is not the downturn…its that people expect things to eventually recover and go back to the way it was. That is a fairy tale. Median household income is 7.1% below what it was in 1999…that was eight years before the current downturn and the credit and mortgage issues.

We must all take responsibility for our own home economy. This is a truth faced by all developed nations. Things will continue to change, which means new opportunities and possibilities for the forward thinking and more frustration for those trying to hold on to an ideal that left town a decade ago. Be the change you want. You can do whatever you want and live the life you want…but not if you are chained to the past.

If you have a job right now, that’s great, but don’t think it will take care of you for the rest of your life….perhaps it will, but the chances are tiny…instead use the job as a platform to live your life while you develop the things (and grow yourself) that will bear the life you really want. This is an awesome time to move forward…BE THE CHANGE,

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