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Having faster success in growing your business is not nearly as difficult as you might think.

In fact, conceptually and practically, it’s easy…all you have to do is fail faster!!! No this is not a misprint…it is the the true answer to the question.

So how does it work that failing faster leads to success faster? It starts with re-defining and re-categorizing the word failure. Failure in the case of working toward success is not a “final” thing, but simply a necessary step in the process. In order to find the people who are at the right time in their life to help themselves through your products and business, you have to work your way through those that aren’t. These are the “not yet” people…and the funnest part of this is that this isn’t even failure because when you work your business in the way of “The Process” the door will always stay open and you will help these people at a later time. But that was a digression, so let’s get back to how you fail faster to succeed faster.

It means that you have to have more people tell you “not yet” than you are currently having AND that you need to instill this in the organization you are building. As you increase the number of people who are saying “not yet” to you, you will naturally be increasing the number of people who are saying yes. This is just the law of numbers. The yes answers are simply the result of hearing enough of the opposite.

You cannot hear a yes unless you’re having people declining your offer…so subsequently you need to have a lot of people decline to have a lot of people say yes. Since it is natural to consider a “not yet” as a failure to achieve a yes…this is what I mean by increase your failure rate.

Remember, it isn’t about you or your skills…it’s about whether or not the other person is ready to act on their need. It’s your job to sort through the people and find the right ones. The faster you fail to find the right ones, the faster you DO find the right ones. This has been the secret to my personal successes…yes over the years I DID develop some skills, but for the most part, my skills did not lead to the majority of the people who are working in my organization…it has been my willingness to fail and fail often.

my skills did not lead to the majority of the people who are working in my organization…it has been my willingness to fail and fail often.

The best way to do this is to ask a direct question…something like: “Hey, have you heard about…?” Isn’t that how you ask someone if they know about anything else you learn about and like? Why complicate it? In “The Process” I give many examples of effective approaches….they all work…and the best thing you can do is find the easiest question to ask…and ask it as many times as you can. This is how you go faster. Increase your approaches and you will increase the pace of your success. This creates the example for your organization, who can model your actions. This leads to major leaps in your success, but it all starts with you increasing your failure rate.

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