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Pharmaceutical industry ad spending is forecast to exceed $26 billion in 2011, up 5.4% from 2010 levels.

This is according to an article on Marketingprofs.com. So how does this relate to the media thinking we are not very smart? Because they don’t think we know who butters their bread. Put yourself in their shoes? If a certain industry is paying for your viability, are you going to promote them favorably? Might you also, lend a hand in the effort to discredit any industry that might take dollars away from them?

I think it is almost comical the ridiculous lengths the media will go to. There is an ongoing war between pharmaceuticals and supplements. Oh, it’s not a spoken war, but it is very real. People who stay healthy don’t need pharmaceuticals. They might need them in a short term situation, but they don’t need them for life. Supplement companies only spend a fraction of the dollars in advertising, with many of the best products coming from direct marketing companies who spend ZERO on advertising.

People who stay healthy don’t need pharmaceuticals.

It’s ridiculous to print articles that infer that supplements can be harmful and that say their is no proof that nutritional supplements don’t help the body. Nutritional supplements are really highly concentrated foods (the good ones anyway). Since when do you have to prove that foods and nutrients are beneficial? The actual onus is on the drugs as to the burden of proof. People DIE from drugs, they LIVE from supplements. Drugs have been around for a relatively short period of time, super foods have been around since the BEGINNING OF TIME!!!

People DIE from drugs, they LIVE from supplements.

There are hundreds of thousands of studies that show the benefits of nutrients…but you won’t see them in the main stream media, because this would hurt the drug companies. At least in today’s world we have access to more and more good information if we are willing to hunt for it. We don’t have to accept the mainstream media’s efforts to misdirect us. And by the way, this isn’t just the case for supplements and drugs…it’s the case for any industry that benefits the media.

Fortunately, we aren’t as dumb as the media thinks we are….and we are getting smarter every day. The proof is in the pudding so to speak. The people who use good supplements have healthier, high quality lives…the people that live on pharmaceuticals don’t. End of story.

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