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I have to be honest…some days I don’t feel like working at my business.

My mental energy is low, or I am distracted by a family issue, or there is something else I would prefer to be doing. Sometimes, I go hard for an extended period of time and I feel a little crispy in the brain. Sometimes I get overwhelmed by disappointment….disappointment in others, or myself…or I feel like I can’t do anything right. This is called being human.

I experienced these feelings when I started my business all those years ago, and I still have days where I experience them…because this is the human experience! The question is how do you respond when you are in one of these not so fun human places emotionally?

You see, when it comes to your job, you go and work regardless of these emotions, because if you don’t, and you give into them, you will not work more often than you do work…and ultimately you will lose your job. But what about when you work for yourself? What about that 2 hours a day for YOUR dream? Do you do it anyway?

This is one of the key things that separates those who succeed and build a thriving business from home from those that don’t. Building the business is simply a process…but is has to be done consistently. Life will consistently happen to us all….it will jump up and say “Hey…over here…deal with ME now…” If you want to be successful in a big way you have to learn to ignore things for the period of time that you need to be building your business. I’m not talking about things of massive priority or emergency…but I am talking about most of the other stuff. 90% of the stuff that is yelling for your attention or causing you emotional anguish probably doesn’t matter much anyway in the long run if you are able to step back and put it into proper context.

It just takes a little discipline…and I learned that you can become disciplined just by taking baby steps over and over. I used to be the most undisciplined person I knew, but I worked at it…I learned to do what I have to do before doing what I want to do…I learned to work as hard for me and on me, than I would for someone else….and guess what happened?

I can guarantee you this…you have a whole lot less days where you don’t feel like working once you no longer work for someone else. I work at my goal of making a million lives better all the time even though I don’t have to. I work when I don’t feel like it. It’s how I got here and it’s how I’ll get there…now…will you?

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