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Even if you are treading water in one place, the current will move you.

In all areas of life you are either making progress or you are going backwards. Making progress is easy to see…moving backwards might not reveal itself so readily. Since my focus is always about going forward and using your gifts, this will be dedicated to this aspect of reality.

Here is a snippet from my upcoming book: “Anything you do often you become comfortable and confident in doing. The Process is simply a cycle of action from approach to information/story to follow-up to serving. As you discipline yourself to take these steps in the cycle daily, you become more and more confident. As you become more and more confident, you work more and more in the process. The action leads to the confidence which leads to the action which further increases the confidence. This leads to results that get better and better. The opposite is also true.”

Anything you do often you become comfortable and confident in doing.

Whatever it is you are trying to do in life, whether it is working the process, playing a sport, learning an instrument, or just about any other endeavor you apply yourself to, these principles will apply. Everything starts with a desire and an idea. These are meaningless without taking action. However, when it is something new, we will have a learning curve and self-doubt. This means we will have low confidence, regardless of how strong the desire. We must be willing to take a step, regardless of how small towards the achievement of our endeavor. Just the act of taking a step can make us feel stronger. Seeing that we took a step, can prove to us that we can take another. Before long, we have taken a series of steps that begin to reveal a result. Hence the slight increase in confidence and the likelihood of another step.

This is the cycle of anything in life. But lust like a bike…you can’t just sit on one, lift your feet and stay in one place. You have to pedal forward. You have a choice always…choose to ride your cycle forward!


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