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How many times will a child ask for a cookie?

Until they get one.

This is the attitude of success to model in working your business. When growing an organization you want to find several people who are ready to take action in their life. People that can see what you have to offer and are willing to work at it. So how many people should you talk to about your opportunity?

As many as it takes until you find the right people.

It’s as simple as asking a question and directing them through learning. Its not harder than this. Today we have a greater reach to communicate with people than at any time in the history of the world. When I started I had only a landline phone. I had limited calling windows when people were reachable. I had giant long distance bills. I could only use the mail to send information to people.

Today it is much easier in terms of reaching people and conveying what we have to offer. BUT, you still have to do it. AND you still have to do it until. You want to make $1000 a month? You will if you talk to people until.

You want to make $10,000 per month? You will if you talk to people until.

You want to make more? You will if you talk to people until.

You see it is all up to you and it is available to you…you just ask questions nicely and provide info using all the simple ways to do this and do it until. Put away your excuses…what have they brought you of value up until now? Put away your fears…what have they earned you?

The people who have built the biggest businesses have simply shown their opportunity to more people…there are very few exceptions to this.

Persist as a child, talk to people until.

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