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This is from something I call “Assorted Life Lessons” that I passed on to both of my children when they graduated from high school.

This is just a few of the nuggets in the section…if you like them let me know and I will share some more in the coming weeks.

Trust in God, trust your intuition, and trust yourself.

Regardless of who you are or what you do, not everyone is going to like you. Don’t let it bother you, it’s a refection on them not you.

First impressions are formed in seconds and they take a long time to change. Whether you think this is fair or not is irrelevant. It’s true.

Life isn’t fair. Deal with it.

Fair is a matter of interpretation. As long as you do what you believe is fair, you’ll be okay the majority of the time.

Asking questions does not make you look dumb. It makes you look honest, interested, and diligent.

Experience is a great teacher. Unfortunately, the lessons are painful and take a long time to learn. Whenever you can, learn from the experiences of others; it’s easier and faster.

Never be embarrassed to be genuine around those that you love. Treating them differently in front of others makes you look bad and them feel bad.

No matter where you are always hug and kiss your Mother when you see her.

Expect little from others and much from yourself.

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