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The minute you decide to pursue any goal in life, there are things that will stand in your way.

This is true of deciding to walk across a street as much as it is to pursuing a big project. The bigger the goal the greater the obstacles. Since this is true for all things, naturally it will be true in the pursuit to build a lifetime income with referral marketing. While this is a simple, fair, low-risk, and easy to work, concept you will still have obstacles. You will have three primary obstacles: Patience with self, time utilization and focusing on serving other’s first.

This is an excerpt from “The Process.”:

Having patience with yourself is a little more challenging (than time utilization) and will be directly affected by how big of an income you desire to create and how personally developed you currently are. You will be learning and personally growing through the process, but it will be natural for you to want to be an expert in all aspects of your venture immediately. Expertise takes time to develop and is a product of repetition, which comes from doing the business over time. The only way to learn is by doing, but fortunately the process is designed such that expertise is not needed at all in order to succeed. I will show you the steps to succeed as you gain expertise. The rare time you need a higher level of information or know-how you will have mentors along side of you to step in and provide it for you. This will make more sense to you as you discover the ease of the process. The other area of patience is the natural desire to want instant success. There is nothing of lasting value that happens overnight. The quick success view in life is the downfall of many people in many things (I learned this the hard way!). Follow the teaching and you will gradually develop an income for life. Ignore the teaching and try to short-cut the process and you will still be looking for the magic solution 20 years from now.

Faith, effort, patience…success…simple.

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