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This morning is unusual for me because I did my reading in an easy chair. Having ignored the message my body was clearly giving me this past week, I pushed past a physical warning sign in my exercise and landed right into an injury…so no aerobic exercise reading for me today as a result. Anyway, as I am quietly doing today’s reading which consisted of Chapter 2 in the book of Isiah, Proverbs chapter 13, Psalm 84, Og Mandino (greatest Salesman), Max Dupree (Leadership is an Art), Norman Vincent Peale(In God We trust), and Jim Rohn(The Five Major Pieces of the Life Puzzle)…I noticed that Jim Rohn and Norman Vincent Peale seemed to be having a discussion about change using me as the conduit.

Since what they were bouncing back and forth through me was too good to keep to myself, and I was clearly being led to share, here is the gist of what they said to each other.

Peale: “I hope the desire for self-improvement has not died in you. I sincerely trust that you have not arrived at the time when you are willing to take yourself as you are and put up with yourself until the end of your life. It is a bad state of affairs when one allows his spirit to sink. Pull yourself up! Get the thrill of making yourself better than you are! There isn’t a single human being who cannot overcome his weaknesses, resolve his conflicts, sharpen his mind, expand his capacity, and live an amazing life.”

Having heard this Mr Rohn chimed in something about the fact that all of us are subject to the same winds of life and that we are the ones who need to sail the right way and then he went on to say this:

“When the winds change we must change. We must struggle to our feet once more and reset the sail in the manner that will steer us toward the destination of our own deliberate choosing…How quickly and responsibly we react to adversity is far more important than the adversity itself…The greatest influence on what we decide to do with tomorrow’s opportunity is not going to be circumstance, but rather how we think.”

There are many paragraphs worth of lessons in this discussion, so I’ll just leave you to ponder them instead of write about them. I hope you enjoyed these snippets from their little chat!

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