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A “Reactive Door” is when you are in a conversation with someone and they bring up a subject that you can help them with (only they don’t know it yet:)

I mentioned in yesterday’s post about the holiday season being an excellent time to network. Today I am going to give you a little tip that could have big consequences if you take it to heart and put it into action.

You will be in many conversations and also be privvy to many conversations in the coming weeks, at various events. Invariably, you will hear people talk about health, weight, and career/business. Listen intently and you will get the clues. In some settings, it won’t be appropriate to interject about what you have that might help, either because of the environment or the timing, or the occassion. In these cases, simply make a note of what you heard, and then put their name in your prospecting list for after the holidays (or before, if you hear urgency). When you contact (approach) this person, it is quite easy to say, “I remember you saying” or “The other night I heard you say.” Then you simply let them know (comfortably) that you might have something that could help them and you would like to share it with them (no pressure). This is incredibly easy to do and it is very effective. I have sponsored MANY people this way.

it is quite easy to say, “I remember you saying” or “The other night I heard you say.”

At other times, you will feel that the occassion is right to mention right on the spot that you might have something to help them. In this case, keep it very general at first, and say something like “I think I have something that might help you with that….I’ll give you a call after Christmas and we can talk about it.” Now you have planted a seed in their mind, and positioned your call after the holidays. Make sure you make note of this and be true to your word. When you call them simply say “I’m just getting back to you as we talked about that night at the ….” then I would ask a question to have them speak about the need again…and then make the approach.

Make sure you make note of this and be true to your word

Occassionally, when you suggest that you might be able to help, the person will ask you to tell them something about it right at that moment. This is where you tell a little story (or a big one if you want). I always tell things in terms of a story. The other thing I do, if I don’t really have the time because of the situation, is say that I don’t have time right now, but I’d be happy to call them tomorrow…and then I call them tomorrow (because they are expressing urgency).

You should come out of the holidays with a pile of prospects and already have some new customers and possibly some new partners If you follow what I just shared.

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