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One of my favorite Christmas movies is “The Santa Clause.”

One of the best scenes in the movie is an exchange between Charlie (the little boy) and Neil (the Step-father). In this scene, Neil is trying to convince Charlie that Santa Claus does not exist. In Neil’s argument he is saying that he has never seen Santa Claus so he can’t exist and Charlie then asks him if he has ever seen a million dollars. Neil, says no, he’s never seen a million dollars either and Charlie says “just because you’ve never seen it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.” I LOVE THIS LINE!!! Too often in life we are all limited by what we can see with our own two eyes. Who hasn’t said “I’ll believe it when I see it?”

Too often in life we are all limited by what we can see with our own two eyes.

When it comes to setting goals and aspiring to do something meaningful, we must believe before we see. For it is our belief and commitment to our goal that allows us to eventually make it visible. Walt Disney looked at marsh land in Florida and “saw” Disney World, and then he made it happen. As you set your goals for the coming year, see what you want to accomplish. You have the gifts, you have the resources (both within you and outside of you), you have the time, you have all you need to build your business to whatever level you want. You can have the life that you want. If others can do it, why not you?

If others can do it, why not you?

In our business you have the added gift of others who believe in you and will encourage you and will actually help you! The only true limitation you have is whatever limitation exists between you ears!!! Don’t let those who can’t see affect what you can see. As you set your goals and make your action plan make sure that your goals are SMART.

S-specific. Be specific about what you are trying to accomplish.
M-meaurable. Make sure you can tangible measure what you are trying to accomplish so you will be able to understand your progress…and know when you get there.
A-achievable. You must know in your heart that you can achieve what you are setting out to do…but you need to be the judge of this.
R-relevant and realistic. Your goal should be relevant to what matters to you and it must be realistic. Once again, you need to be the judge of what is realistic, never let someone else tell you what is realistsic for YOU…as long as it is physically possible.
T-timely. You need to have a set time for achievement.

Set your SMART goal, see it, action plan for it and then take it day by day. You can accomplish whatever you dream if you are willing to make the sacrifices necessary and work at it each day. Remember, a castle is built one brick at a time.

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