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Goals are only as good as the actions to make them happen.

In keeping with the idea of setting goals…as you set your goals for the coming year, one of the most important aspects of true goal setting is “Action Planning.” This is where you allocate time and resources as well as create the step by step plan to reach your goals. Goal setting, if done properly is not a 5 minute-think-about-what-you-want-and-write-it-down- thing. When I teach true goal setting in a classroom style setting, it can be an 8 hour course!

The thing I am specifically talking about here is one aspect of proper goal setting, but it is a critical aspect. A referral marketing business is one where success is interdependent with other people. This is true of most everything, because whatever you are doing in business, the impact on, and response of others will dictate how much business you do. The point here, is that you cannot control who decides to purchase your product. You cannot control who decides to sign up for your business oportunity. But you can control who you share it with, and how often, and via what method. You can control your actions.

You can control your actions.

So planning your actions is vital to going after the goals you set. Figure out how many approaches it takes for you to have someone agree to learn, on average. Then consider how many people have to learn for you to have a new customer or business partner. How many new business partners does it take to get one who really works the business? These kinds of considerations will help you establish your daily activity goals, which are integral in action planning.

Daily activity goals are the key.

Then figure out what tools and resources you need to work your action plan. How many CDs do you need to work the pipeline of prospects? How many books and training materials do you need? What other business supplies do you need? Buy these before the year is out, so you can take the expense on your taxes and so you are ready to go immediatetly at the beginning of the year. Set your action plan and then work it, and the goals will happen as they are supposed to.

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