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It is natural to have some down time this time of the year. As I talked about previously, you can still sponsor, but in general this is more of a networking time and a time for enjoying family and friends. I’ve also devoted quite a bit to goals in recent posts because in a few weeks it will be time to tackle 2012 and all that it has to promise. You can have a great 2012 if you decide to and dedicate yourself and work consistently.

A key to this is to get off to a good start in the first week of the year, and, the key to getting off to a good start is to be prepared to GO when the whistle blows! This is easy to do if you think ahead…beginning now! I can’t tell you what to do…because it’s your life…but I can tell you what I do and you can choose to follow or not. Just recognize that what I do has been working:-)

This time of year, while keeping up with day to day activity, I also begin fully prepping for the new year. I have already started mapping the golas for the different aspects of my business and started to action plan….actually I have already pulled the trigger on some actionable items that won’t happen for another 3-4 weeks that will drive business in the first quarter.

This is the time of year where I reorganize my workspace and get rid of any clutter. This helps me to stream line when I am working…and allows me the space to put the things I need for the New Year into accessible places. This isn’t easy for me because I am weak in organization…especially detail stuff. After I’ve done this, I am clear about what supplies I need for the next quarter…paper, ink, planner, calender, tape, technology, etc. I buy anything and everything I think I will need before the years is out so that I can take the tax deduction on my expenses.

This goes for tools also. I have all the CDs, books, and mailing supplies I need to work with a lot of prospects in the New year. Whatever I am short on, I buy before the year is out to take the expense and to be prepared. Something else I do before the year is out, is I assemble all my expenses information and potential tax info and organize it in advance. This way, the majority of the work is done for when tax time comes around and I won’t need to take time away from other things then.

By the time the New year comes, I will be ready to sprint. Nothing will be left un-prepped. You cannot undersetimate the value of good preparation. I am a preparation maniac because I have learned in life that you can’t over-prepare but you can under-prepare! I plan to have an amazing 2012. I plan to make a major dent in my vision to make a million lives better. So I have already begun preparing. I hope you take this one to heart!

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