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It is fresh start time in a few days isn’t it? This is when you hear people talking about their “new year’s resolutions.”This is the year when they will lose weight, make more money, get out of debt….

How did your resolutions work out for you last year?! How come people set resolutions for the year, and by the third week in January, they are already toast? Because resolutions aren’t necessarily goals. They can be…but often they aren’t.

This year Forget the resolutions…they are worthless. Set goals and make commitments. I want 2012 to be an incredible year for you, but only you can make it so. Making a commitment to your goals and sticking it out is how you will have an incredible experience.

You see, it is the experience as you pursue the goal that contains the value. The achievement of a goal is wonderful, but it is over in a heartbeat. There is truly only a moment of achievement. This is why it is crucial to create goals that are meaningful, and where you have true desire. If your goal has any substance at all, then it is going to become challenging and difficult at various points.

This is where commitment and desire help you to grow through the adversity. This is the beauty of it all…the hard parts are the best parts for you. It is like the old saying “no pain, no gain.” Adversity is painful in the short term, but it is priceless in terms of creating a great life.

Here is what I suggest for your goal setting. First decide what your goal is. Make sure it is SMART (specific,measurable, achievable, relevant, and with a time line).  Then play the “WHY?” game with yourself. Continue to ask yourself why you want this goal until you get to your deepest answer. This is the thing that helps you keep the commitment. The desire for the surface goal will never drive you (this is another reason resolutions don’t work). Only the “intrinsic” reason, the deeper desire, is what helps you push through the hard times. After you have gotten to WHY, then go back and break the goal down into daily action goals. THIS is how to set goals, stay committed to goals, and reach your goals.

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