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For this year may it dawn on you to:

Remove ALL limitations from your mind and recognize that as a child of God you are uniquely made and that there is much good in you

Never settle for anything less than the best you can DO and BE

Realize that much of what you worry about never happens, and that worry (aka negative prayer) only serves to rob you of joy and keeps you from enjoying the blessings of each moment

Dream BIG! And then pursue those dreams with the willfulness and undaunted spirit of a child who has yet to be spoiled by non-existent boundaries

Be thankful and grateful for all that you have, while you pursue all that you want

Spend more time outside of your comfort zone (aka the cage)

Be all  the reality TV you could ever need

Laugh as much as possible and cry when you feel like it (but not too long)

Believe in yourself, after all, God created you

Live each day like it might be your last, and plan as if there is an unlimited supply of days in your future

Be diligent in your efforts and never never never quit…success isn’t any harder than this

Take care of your physical, emotional, and spiritual self first, then pour this out into others

Pray, have faith, work, love, and flourish

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