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Do you ever get asked this question?

Of course you do. This is one of the first things someone asks you when you meet them. I find it interesting that people usually answer with  what their job is. But is this REALLY what they do? Are you really an accountant? A lawyer? A contractor? That might be how you earn your income, but let’s get real, that isn’t what you “do.”

Are you a husband or a wife? Are you a father or a mother? Are you a good friend? Are you a person who enjoys reading or working out or fishing or golf or…

You are NOT what you do. You are actually more what you think about and how you behave than what you do for a living. I suggest if you want to have a little fun, the next time someone asks you what you do you say to them “When?” or “in what context?” or “what do you mean?” This would be a way more interesting response and it would cut through the surface garbage of inconsequential and meaningless conversation.

I remember when I was working on my MBA and we had to go around the room and say a little about what we do. Everyone was giving their titles like robots with little enthusiasm as usual and then they got to me. I proceeded to say that I was a husband to a spectacular woman, and the father of two really cool children, and that I enjoyed doing martial arts and I was a writing a book, and a few more things and oh, for money I help people live a better life by showing them how to be healthier, have better relationships and to earn more money.

You can imagine the looks I got. So just remember…You are not your job and you never should be. You are a special and unique human being who does lots of things in life!

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