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I was sitting next to my good friend Jason Merson at a leadership luncheon yesterday, and he was sharing with me his perspective that in today’s world if someone is not supplementing they are an idiot. I concur completely “if” the person is informed….so the point here is that if someone is not supplementing in today’s world…they are either ignorant or an idiot.

I have no problem saying this. It’s fact. The great thing about ignorance is that it’s correctable…but idiocy? That could be permanent!!! Now, I won’t say it to someone’s face…because I respect their right to be an idiot if they so choose. But I will definitely be thinking it and I will be clear about MY beliefs.

Let’s take Jason for example….here is a guy that looks incredible. His family health history is atrocious…so its not genetics…its what he does. If you are a man, and you are breathing, and you know Jason, and you DON’T want to learn what he knows that you don’t….you are an idiot:-)

I could go on about this concept…and I will but in a different direction….

If you think a job is secure you are……

If you think politicians have YOUR interest in mind…..

If you think there’s no God….

These are 4 of my big “your either ignorant or an idiot”……Feel free to give me a few of yours…I’d love to hear them. It’s time to be BOLD my friends….remember when you know something that can help someone you have a responsibility to share….lest you be causal in them looking like an idiot!




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