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Way way back in 1989 when I first started in the world of home business, the primary driver for me was one word; “freedom.”

Having been laid off twice in the prior three years due to the economic and regulatory issues in the banking industry, I realized that I didn’t really like banking anyway. I didn’t like having to be at a certain place at a certain time all the time, dealing with commuting and having someone else dictate what I would be paid and when I could take time off, etc. Not to mention, I had gotten the message loud and clear that there is never any level of security when working for another person. The reasons are simple…their interests are going to come before yours (if its a corporation the stockholders interests are coming before yours), and there is no security in life anyway…ever. No amount of money, things, titles, or anything can make someone truly secure!!!

there is no security in life anyway…ever. No amount of money, things, titles, or anything can make someone truly secure!!!

The definition of security is essentially “safety or freedom from danger.” So I submit to you…are you EVER truly secure? Nope, not even close. Anyway, I got clear about the security thing being a useless reason to do something for a living…since it doesn’t exist anyway…and wanted to have freedom (this at the age of 28)…that’s what led me to start a home business. Despite my fears, despite my doubts, despite my poor self-esteem, despite my lack of support from friends and family, despite my lack of experience, despite my lack of money, despite my…ahhh the list is too long to continue…the bottom line was that I valued freedom deeply enough to fly in the face of all the reasons I “couldn’t.”

The Cool thing is that this alone made me free!!!! 

If I was gonna fail, it would be on my terms! I worked when I said so, and for how long I wanted. As I progressed through the first several years, I had ups and downs, made money, didn’t make money, learned alot…..but I was free…..and then a funny realization came over me.

The freedom I had, allowed me to spend time with my family when I wanted. Now of course, I had to work hard so that I could provide for them…that was the price (which I gladly paid)…I got to see everything my children ever did. I realized that “time with family” was the the big “Why” in that next phase of my life. That’s what essentially drove me to the point where I basically retired for about six years. Of course, I COULD do this, because of the referral marketing model of Life Plus…this wouldn’t have been feasible in any job or most other businesses. I had lots of money coming in every month whether I worked or not, and money is not a “Why” for me (unless I have none:-)….so I spent as much time as I could with my family in that time.

Now my “Why” is in a new place. In 2008 when I began re-inserting myself into the business, it was because I realized that nothing feels better to me than helping someone else. Nothing…not even sex! Yup, I just said that. To have someone share how their life has changed because of our products (this happens all the time) or because of being involved in our business (this is happening more and more)…it…is…incredible. That’s my “Why” that’s why my focus is to help a million people. AT LEAST.  

That means despite all my short-comings, fears, and human struggles…I do it every day. “Whyvolution” is the evolving of your “WHY” in life. Consider why you do what you do…not on the surface….in the heart region…this is the stuff that will crank up your engine everyday, this is what will have you climb the mountain, this is what will drive you to use your special gifts.

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