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Today in the United States, it is Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. This man is honored because of the impact he made in the world. An impact based on a cause he lost his life championing. Today’s short post is not about MLK, but rather the concept of championing, impact, and opposition.

The greater the potential impact, or maybe better said, the greater the mission you champion, the greater your opposition.

Opposition can come in many flavors. It can be as overt as someone purposefully trying to stop you or undermine your efforts, or it can be as subtle as someone making discouraging or disparaging comments.  The point is that if you are doing something of value and with meaning, regardless of it’s relative size, somebody else will not like it.

Too bad for them. Never let someone else stop you from moving forward and being a champion of better things. Today might be a good time to watch my video “Dogs Barking.” Perhaps you’ve seen it before and maybe you haven’t…but either way, I suggest it so click here when you are ready:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iSjclUV6s40&list=UU7EQbYOzG-AKh0oH6tQ-NKA&index=51&feature=plcp

Then think to yourself…Am I facing any opposition? If not, then maybe I need to get moving. If so, then, take heart, you are living a life of meaning!

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