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Often, if you want to be more effective and more efficient, so that you can go faster, the first thing you need to do is SLOW DOWN!

The last few days, I have begun to have that feeling that I might have a little too much on my plate…or that I am about to. You probably know this feeling well, although I’m not certain “what” this feels like for you. It is different for everyone. For me, the key factor is my stomach…I get this unique feeling in my stomach…a little unsettled feeling, that is my personal indicator.

Having been a student of personal development, life balance, productivity, and the like over the last couple of decades, I have complete clarity on what this feeling is telling me. It is saying “slow down.” Now this might sound counter-intuitive given that I have a lot on my plate and at the moment am looking at multiple demands on my time in addition for the coming months…so the natural inclination is to speed up, get frenzied and do as much as possible!

Well…I will, but not until I slow down and take a full assessment of my plate. This morning I am looking at my mission,my goals, my current projects, the commitments I am making (personal and Lifeplus), and the needs of my family, to make sure I am holding true to my values and priorities, serving my organization, and to map out the best course of action.

This will include what things I should leave off of my plate, as well as prioritizing what is on the plate and planning my approach. Once I am done this little slow down session, I will go full speed and tackle everything simultaneously…a little at a time.

So this is my tip for the day…to get more done, and to get it done better, slow down first, then you can go faster.

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