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My friend Phil Monetti, is a master trainer and inspirational speaker. This is from his newsletter “Integrity Insights” to kick off 2012.

Here are seven ideas to help you focus on your objective and achieve the success you deserve.

1. “Take charge of your thoughts, you can do what you will with them.” Plato gave that advice in 400 BC. It was true then, and it’s still valid today. Your attitude is the biggest variable in achieving anything meaningful.

2. “Divide and Conquer”. If you are faced with a daunting task, divide it into smaller parts and start on one of them now.

3. Mark Twain challenged people to “Eat a Live Frog, first thing in the morning”! The idea being, that anything else would be easy. If there is an unpleasant element to your quest, face it, do it first, and move on to the next step.

4. Commit to spend just 5 minutes a day on your goal. This creates the momentum to spend more time in the future.

5. Put it in writing and share it with someone you trust.

6. Get more familiar with your subject. The more background information you gather and absorb the more comfortable and confident you become. This tends to propel you towards your target.

7. Think twice before you give up. Don’t let a difficult moment discourage you and cause you to make a snap emotional decision to surrender. Delay that decision for another day, and stay with it.

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