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How comfortable are you?

We all want to be comfortable don’t we? Comfortable feels good doesn’t it? But is it good?

Yes and No. Comfortable is a good thing to have but not necessarily a good place to live. When we are comfortable in any area of our life, we tend to be doing the same things. This is natural, because what we KNOW is what we are comfortable with. The problem with this is that we probably aren’t experiencing much growth. This can be in our relationships, in our health, in our business, or anything else we do…when we are comfortable we are not striving. Complacency is the companion of comfort…a silent companion…because I don’t believe complacency is something we aspire to, so we wouldn’t be this way on purpose…but it is a natural outcome from comfort.

Expanding our comfort zone in any area is requisite to growing. It is part of the learning curve. To get better at anything we have to step into a level we aren’t proficient in yet. This is uncomfortable. Yet it is a positive step and one that if we take enough times will lead to a new level of comfort at a higher level of quality.

You have to be somewhat uncomfortable if you want things to be better in any facet of life. So my challenge to you is to look at the things in your life that matter, and do something a touch uncomfortable in them today. Tomorrow, do it again. Repeat this process until this new action becomes comfortable…and you will have grown. Then do it again!

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