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This is a powerful story I received yesterday that I can’t help but share.


We have been struggling with my son, Austin’s  ADHD for almost 3 years.  We have tried a lot of things (diet, supplements, behavior modification,) but with only short term success.  After 2 years of struggling and many, many meetings with health care professionals and his school we finally agreed to put him on prescription medication.

The first medication we tried worked good at first, but wore off in the middle of the day.  Of course they had us increase the dose and everything went downhill from there.  When he came down off the meds we would have to sit with him in his room in the quiet and hold him for an hour or more just to get him to stop screaming and crying.  Just getting him to his room was like putting a cat in a toilet!!

The second medication was slightly better, but after several weeks he began to have mood swings, from giggling to tearful and sobbing with-in seconds.  Both medications made him feel depressed and down on himself.

In November of 2011 we were introduced to LifePlus  by  Dr. Laura Ruby (who happens to be our sister-in-law).  Austin started on them once a day in addition to his prescription meds.  He was doing better in some areas (the good ones), but still struggling with crazy uncontrollable emotions.

We made the decision to completely stop the prescription meds and give him two Proanthenols a day.  We kept in close contact with his teacher to see how he was doing.  She was very happy to report that he was much happier and he was actually telling her that he was excited about things they were learning.  At home, the difference was unimaginable.  The emotional train wreck disappeared and he was content and not depressed like he was on the medication.  He does his homework without a two hour battle and seems to enjoy it.

Since I have many ADD tendencies, I started taking the Proanthenols myself.  WOW, what a difference.  I am twice as productive at work!  No more anxiety attacks, my stress has been reduced to a minimal level and I am able to concentrate on what matters instead of where ever my thought decide to take me.  As a bonus, my acne (Yes, I still have acne at 33, or rather use to) is all but completely gone.

My husband and I are also taking BioBasics and have really been concentrating on a healthier lifestyle all together.  My husband has lost 37 lbs and I have lost 18lbs so far, not to mention since starting BioBasics my husband does fall asleep on the couch at 7 o’clock every night!!!

Really, I could go on and on about all the positive things that have come from being introduced to LifePlus!! – Tina Ruby, Hampstead, MD

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