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Most people have absolutely no clue about how good they could feel each day or how simple it would be to create the opportunity for long, vibrant, healthy life.


If your body gets all the nutrients it needs in high amounts, sickness is mostly unnecessary. That doesn’t mean it can’t happen…but it’s less likely and if it does, it doesn’t have to become chronic!

Can you get all that you need from the foods that you eat? Yes. Are you likely to? NO!!!!!!!!

I know what to eat. I work from home. I have enough income to afford all the right foods. I am conscious of eating the right foods as often as possible. Do I get what I need from my food? Not even close. So, given my parameters and my outcome…what is the likelihood that you or the people you love, get what they need from their food? I take a tremendous amount of supplements in addition to eating very well…and (thank you God) my results are quite self-evident.

How much does it matter? To be blunt…and I gotta tell you…I am in a blunt place at the moment…if you don’t get what you need, in high amounts, you WILL get sick, you will have a crappy life, you will die before you should….blunt enough? The link below is to a 17-minute video done by a DR. who was VERY sick and what she did…take the time and watch it…and if you think 17 minutes is too long to learn about information that could impact you and your family profoundly….you might as well smoke a pack of cigarettes, drink a bottle of vodka. eat a case of potato chips, and kiss your …goodbye.


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