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An Excuse is simply a justification for not doing what needed to be done.

If you are in seminars with me at some point you will hear me say something like “People who make excuses don’t succeed, and people who succeed don’t make excuses.”

If you think about this you will see how clear and simple this really is. I have met and/or worked with thousands of people in my life and you know what? This has been true in every case for everything.

Sure some people seem to have a more challenging path than others (mine has been a bit challenging) some have had more unforseen circumstances than others, some have created their own complications more than others (me again)…but the truth is that it doesn’t matter. The people that succeed in their endeavors work through whatever their challenges are, and for as long as it takes, to reach their goals.

Here is a cool excerpt from Tommy Newberry’s book “Success is not an Accident”:

“Whenever you think of an excuse, ask yourself if there has ever been anyone in similar circumstances who succeeded in spite of them. When you move beyond the whining and justifying, you’ll find that the answer is almost always yes. Somebody somewhere has usually had it far worse than you and still succeeded. And the moment you want a goal more than you want an excuse, you can succeed as well. Refuse to appoint yourself a victim. Victims don’t take action; they’re too busy dwelling on injustice and being bitter. Remember, you will always be able to come up with an eloquent excuse, but no excuse has a shelf-life of more than twenty-four hours.”

And the moment you want a goal more than you want an excuse, you can succeed as well.

Success starts with a single decision (there are 6 total decisions as I speak about in my audio program) put into action, and is then nurtured with patience, determination, persistence, perseverance, and a willingness to continue to learn…. and over time You Can Succeed!

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