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We cannot live without food.

This is no shocking revelation is it? But why? Because we must have protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, and minerals. If we are missing any of these we will ultimately die.

So….common sense…any way of eating that eliminates any of these five things, either on purpose or by accident will ultimately be fatal.

In the past sixty years ago, heart disease and cancer have been the top two killers. The incident of these two plagues continues to increase (medical advancements have slowed the death rate a little)…common sense….whatever is causing these is getting worse not better.

The environment continues to get more polluted, food sources are less nutritious than ever before and we, as a population are now dealing with an epidemic of chronic disease (auto-immunes in addition to cancer, heart disease, diabetes) at an alarmingly increasing rate…common sense…we cannot get what we need from the food we eat to allow our bodies to stay healthy in today’s environment.

People who eat minimal amounts of processed foods, large amounts of fresh fruits and vegetables, and supplement with high quality nutritional products, look better, are more productive, rarely need pharmaceutical drugs, and get sick less frequently and for a shorter duration….common sense…if your body gets what it needs, it stays healthy and vibrant.

The wellness industry focuses on helping people avoid sickness and live a great life, the pharmaceutical industry gets rich from treating sickness….common sense…

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