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“Fatigue makes cowards of us all”

This famous quote form the late Vince Lombardi is about way more than football.

Whenever we have low energy physically or emotionally, we are naturally less than we are capable of being. This applies to all corners of life. When our energy is low we do not work as well, we do not think as well, we do not communicate as well, we simply are not at our best.

This is why I consider health to be a foundational priority. Since our physical and emotional self is involved in everything we do, AND has a high influence in how well we do it, it is just common sense that we must prioritize health. In my video (under Tools on this site) “The Wheel of Health” I talk about the 4 aspects that keep the wheel of good health, and therefore good energy, rolling.

We can easily see if we are doing the right things by how energized we feel each day. If our energy is low consistently, this is an indicator that we are falling down on the job of taking care of ourselves. Most days (not all…everyone will have low days on occasion), we should have the energy of a child…go go go go. This is how we are designed. If  this is not our normal…it is that we are missing some of the keys in the wheel.

If we suffer from low energy over long periods of time…LOOK OUT!!! This means a major health issue is on the horizon. Again…this is just common sense. Low energy for a long period of time means our body is not getting what it needs for a long period of time. The body is resilient, but it will absolutely break if abused for an extended period.

So the bottom line is…How is your energy?


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