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I once heard it said that worry is negative prayer.

I often struggle with worry in general, and have for most of my life. I have found that as my faith and my prayer life have grown, that I worry less. I didn’t say I don’t worry, but I worry much less. Now I simply pray more. Here is a wonderful poem written by Phil Hodges from the book “Lead like Jesus” by Blanchard and Hodges.

Just Suppose

Just suppose, when I pray, there is really someone listening who cares about me and wants to know what is on my mind.

Just suppose, when I pray, it changes me and my view of how the universe operates and who is involved.

Just suppose, I put my doubts aside for a minute and consider the possibility that someone who knew me before I was born loves me, warts and all, without condition or reservation, no matter how badly I have behaved in the past.

Just suppose, a prayer was my first response instead of my last resort when facing a new challenge or an old temptation.

Just suppose, I lived each day, knowing that there is an inexhaustible supply of love for me to pass along to others.

Just suppose.

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