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What do successful people have in common?

I have spent the past few days in Miami in “Top Team” meetings. This is a gathering of top achievers in Lifeplus. There are about a dozen field leaders in this meeting. As we discuss topics, share ideas and brainstorm, it is abundantly clear to me that for the most part all of us are quite different.

We have different backgrounds, life situations, communication styles, perspectives, and personalities. While we all work in the same business with the same products and the same compensation model, we all work a little differently. Certainly we work the process of building…this is the fundamental basic that we all do, but we work it in our own style.

What we share is the willingness to do what we have to do to succeed. We all have stories of challenges and fears that we had to work through. We all have had multiple failures and many struggles. What we have in common is that we worked at the business until we succeeded.

We didn’t allow others to steal our dream. We didn’t allow life to derail us for too long.  We didn’t question “does it work?” We simply worked at it in our own way and worked until we reached a high level. Anyone can do what we have done, and  many are on their way. If you read this blog and aren’t part of Lifeplus, this message still applies to you.

There is no special “look” or qualification for success. There is only the desire to succeed and the willingness to do whatever it takes.

I will be on a big boat for the next week…so there will be less messages from me.

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