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What does it take to make a Diamond?

High temperatures and intense pressure applied for many years to carbon minerals is how a Diamond comes to be. I have minimized the truth here quite a bit, because I’m not giving a science lesson…rather a life lesson. The point is that anything precious takes time and diligence and difficulty.

I had just arrived home yesterday from the Lifeplus Cruise and was watching the Baylor & Kentucky basketball game when the camera panned the crowd. Watching the game was Robert Griffin III, the Baylor quarterback who is one of the best young american football players. He was wearing a t-shirt that said “No Pressure, No Diamonds.” How appropriate.

When people see an athlete like Robert Griffin, they see him performing. They see the “Diamond” they don’t see the years of formation that came from his hard work and refusal to quit. Often society chalks up this kind of success to natural gifts and good luck….this kind of thinking is beyond naive.

Diamonds in all fields…sports, business, academia, arts, and of course, Lifeplus share the ability to press on in the face of the heat and the pressure. When the world sees them apply themselves they see a relatively finished product (no one is ever finished while still breathing)…they don’t know the journey it took to come to this point.

Welcome pressure and challenge, it is a sign that you are on a path of worth. A path of no resistance is one of no value and one that produces no Diamonds.

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