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Would it make sense to remove someone’s teeth to help them lose weight?


That is a ridiculous question isn’t it? But in my eyes it is no more ridiculous than the latest suggestion to “treat” type-2 diabetes. An article released by the Associated Press states that there is clear proof that weight loss surgery to remove a portion of the stomach is more effective at eliminating type-2 diabetes than medication.


If you can’t eat very much for a year, you probably will eliminate type-2 diabetes. At least until your stomach stretches out again! This is a masterful scheme because surgery costs a lot more money than the medications. So the cash flow for the doctors will go up…and then when people get back to the normal way they were living the type-2 will be back and they can take the meds for the rest of their life anyway!!!

This is the kind of stuff that really ticks me off!


Now instead of people being told the truth…that you have to exercise and change your eating habits…they will be offered the quick fix of surgery. Is it really any different than removing the teeth? After all, if the teeth were gone, the diet would change too…oh, I forgot, then they could just get false teeth!

Removing the stomach does not change the habits and lifestyle.

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