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If you knew for sure…

If you knew for sure that within 3-5 years you could have a substantial income working from home in your bare feet and sweat pants, if you simply talked to 3 people a day every day for the next 3-5 years, would you do it? THAT my friends is the ultimate question.

Now, I know that not everyone wants to earn a substantial income from home. Some people love what they do in their career so much that they would never stop doing it regardless of how much money they have. Some people don’t care if they ever make alot of money. I am not trying to inflict a money based value system on anyone. If I did, that would be hypocritical of me, because I don’t have a money based value system. If I did, I never would have stopped working for 6 years to spend time with my family and pursue some other personal goals (as I did from 2002-2008). I would have worked even harder to see how much more I could make.

But setting aside the value conversation and back to the original question. If you knew for SURE would you do the 3 per day? If the answer is yes, then I have good news for you. It’s pretty much as close to a guarantee as you can get. If you are working with a solid company that delivers products of value that are needed and has a fair compensation model, then the only thing standing in your way is you. The process works. The number of people that you would share your opportunity with in the process of 3 per day would ensure that you would lay your business in the lap of the right people and eventually reach a substantial level.

If you are nice and honest and respectful, the numbers will work out very well for you. You just have to be consistent and patient. You see human nature will get in your way if you allow it. You must be patient to allow the elements of growth to take hold and then blossom. You have to take the little bite (3) of the elephant today and over 3, 4, 5 years you will have eaten multiple elephants! You can do it. AND it is incredibly worth it.

To be able to do what you want when you want without having to be under the thumb of other people’s rule is wonderful. Try it…you’ll like it.

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