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Do you ever struggle with trying to control everything?

I have to admit that this is a major problem for me…and the price is very steep. All we can control are our actions. We cannot control the actions of others, or the situations that life presents for us.

I had one of those days yesterday where I struggled emotionally. I worried about this and I worried about that. For much of the day I was a whiner. I’m not afraid to admit it. Even with all the personal development work I do, all the positive reinforcement I do, and the fact that most people would love to have to suffer through MY life situation….I still have times when I whine.

I remember reading a quote from Og Mandino that goes something like this “Please God forgive me when I whine, I have so much the world is mine.” I am paraphrasing it, but you get the point. Whenever I am struggling emotionally, it means that I am trying to control…which means I am having a momentary Faith crisis.

If I let go of the idea of control, if I don’t try to hold on too tightly…my hands are free to do what I CAN control…and that is the key. Do the best and most you can each day, and every day, and have faith that you will succeed, and in time you will.

There will be days when things go great and days when they don’t…this is called life. Remember, you are uniquely designed by God and you are not meant for anything less than abundance through your blessings.

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